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“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at,” Stephen Hawking.


Life of Aariz Qamar, a young boy of Ghazipur, seems to have adopted this quote of Stephen Hawking to achieve his goals despite the curves thrown his way by life in general. With a father who is mentally-disabled, a mother who barely makes day’s end with her stitching work and a grandmother whose meagre pension is the only regular source of income, Qamar was in a difficult position to even get access to basic education.


If all this did not add to his hardship, he also has a sister who needs as much financial help if not more to continue her study.


A student of class 7 at MAH Inter College in Ghazipur, Qamar’s financial insufficiency seemed like an impediment in his educational aspirations. But Qamar did not let these trying times dissuade him from dreaming of achieving his aims. He continued moving forward while trying to help his family in whatever he could at the same time.


And it was during this time that Qamar got to know about Learning with Vodafone at a seminar conducted at his educational institution. Without missing any precious time, he immediately registered himself on the portal with support from our on-ground team and applied for the scholarships he was eligible for. His hard work paid off and he won a scholarship from the Ministry of Minority Affairs.


Today, Qamar is thankful to Learning with Vodafone and its smart technology for playing a pivot role in his educational journey which has taken off without a hitch after getting support at the right time.


If you think you are one deserving candidate of winning a scholarship just like Aariz Qamar, then register on and continue reaching milestones in your academic journey.

Posted by: Anamika Sharma