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Stepping into teenage years with the constant fear of dropping out of school is not the kind of experience a child wishes for. Faisal Hussain, a class 8 student from Howrah, West Bengal, was undergoing a similar situation in life.


This young, talented boy lives with his father, mother and brother, and dreams of completing his academic journey successfully to help his family lead a happy life. But with his father’s health declining every passing day, he was slowly losing hope in achieving his aim. Hussain’s father is the sole earning member of the family, whose ailment was proving fatal for each member. Meeting ends was becoming difficult with the money being divided into household expenditure, schooling of the children and the treatment of Hussain’s father. The situation hit a new low when they had to use the money for the school fees on medicines.


To develop the nation by supporting education, Vodafone India Foundation committed its time and efforts towards an initiative that is touching the lives of hundreds of students across the country. The initiative – Learning with Vodafone – is a scholarship discovery and assistance platform that bridges the gap between deserving students and scholarships available in the country by offering information about them in seven Indian languages, using intelligent match-making technology.


Luck struck and Hussain’s life changed when team Learning with Vodafone visited his school to spread awareness about scholarships and the benefits of the portal. They helped him register on the portal and apply for matching scholarships. Hussain eventually won a scholarship from Ministry of Minority Affairs and is now able to focus on his studies and take care of his father without worrying about the burden of his education on him. Know someone like Hussain? Help him/her register on today!

Posted by: Shrudi Johnson