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We, at Learning with Vodafone, believe that every child deserves to achieve his/her academic dreams and excel in life, regardless of their conditions – financial or otherwise.


Imagine living in a family of 6 other members including a mother who is fighting Cancer and a father who is the sole earning member of the family. Now imagine asking for money from your family to continue your studies in such a condition. It seems impossible to get into Sandhya Yadav’s shoes without feeling a sharp sense of hopelessness.


Sandhya, hailing from Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, did not just lost the hope to continue her education but was also emotionally drained watching her mother’s health deteriorate each passing day. Sandhya’s father is a farmer who only earns enough to make ends meet. With 5 children and an ailing wife, the pressure from all ends was also taking a toll on him which led him to borrow money from his relatives to help the situation at his place.


This meritorious student was at the verge of losing all hope when team Learning with Vodafone visited her educational institution and conducted a seminar on scholarships. Sandhya could finally see light at the end of the tunnel. The team helped her register on and assisted her in applying for the right scholarships. She bagged the scholarship owing to her scholarly streak, grit and determination.


Sandhya wants to study Engineering later in her life and Learning with Vodafone feels honoured to have helped a meritorious student in need of education to achieve her dreams.

Posted by: Shrudi Johnson