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Learning with Vodafone imbibes the ease-of-use philosophy to the core. The website strives to make the user experience simple and interactive through an intuitive web-design and uncomplicated interface.


And now, with our latest feature – the Learning with Vodafone Chatbot – users have another interactive medium to find the specific answers to all their questions.


So the next time you visit our website, click the little blinking chat icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.


The chatbot will prompt you with options to choose from. You can choose to ‘Find Scholarships’, ‘Check Eligibility’ for a particular scholarship, or request for specific ‘Scholarship Information’. If you are facing any issues, you can also ‘Report Problem’ and tell the chatbot exactly what you need, based on which it will share the relevant response.


The chatbot also allows new users to sign up with ‘Learning with Vodafone’ and receive scholarship matches based on their profile. When you click the option to ‘Sign up’, the chatbot will ask you for your personal and academic information and interests to create your profile. Simply enter your response to each question in the chatbox and your profile will be created. You can now click ‘Find Scholarships’ to see all your matches!


We hope you find the feature useful in your search for scholarships. Do share your feedback with us at

Posted by: Abhishek Saluja