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Done with your schooling? What are your plans for your academic growth? What should be an ideal career option for you? How will you get admission to a college of your choice? How will you manage funds for higher education? These are some of the questions that may haunt you... Read More
When the purpose is noble, no task is difficult. And that is precisely what we experienced at the outreach activity planned for the students of Pune.   With an aim to enlighten the young minds of the city, team Learning with Vodafone along with the esteemed volunteers from Vodafone India... Read More
If you are looking at colleges and courses to begin the next phase of your education, it is safe to assume you would’ve covered all your bases and are aware of all the important things you need to consider.   But at the risk of sounding like flogging a dead... Read More
Internet and technology have changed people’s view about getting the right information at the right time. Earlier, finding useful information used to be a tough task, with various levels of research involved, mostly in hard copy. Today, the same information is available at a click of a button.   If... Read More
As a part of its outreach activity in Karnataka, Learning with Vodafone conducted a seminar for the students of Gopalan College of Engineering and Management on March 27, 2018, in Bengaluru.   The seminar was attended by over 500 students and managed by team Learning with Vodafone from Vodafone Foundation... Read More
We are here with another list of scholarships that you must apply for soon, as these have an application deadline ending in April 2018. The process is simple – just visit, register on the portal, fill in your academic details and see if you are eligible for any of... Read More