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A number of questions may daunt you whenever you come across the term ‘scholarship’. Is a scholarship really relevant to you? Is the scholarship genuine? How and when can you apply for a scholarship? What are your chances of winning a scholarship? With such intense thoughts running through your mind,... Read More
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela   Our country is undergoing a new phase where everything is being revived and rebranded. From image overhaul to infrastructure, from education to healthcare and employability, India is in a mode of constant... Read More
In our country, there is a huge gambit of scholarships available but due to lack of awareness, many are held back by misconceptions. These false beliefs and information mislead and make you lose a golden opportunity. This is a setback for many students as they back out or don’t apply... Read More
The 42nd International Kolkata Book Fair, a signature event for book lovers and one of Asia’s largest events in this genre, opened this month. What do you typically expect from a book fair a scale as this? Pavilions filled with books on every genre, in every language, by almost all... Read More
There certainly isn’t any investment that bears higher returns than investing in one’s education. Higher education provides a student with the opportunity to acquire life-changing skills and take the first steps toward a successful career. Unaffordable tuition and other costs associated with a higher education, on the other hand, rob... Read More
Are you dealing with despair, worry and anxiety while studying? Are you having sleepless nights and inability to concentrate? Are you unable to recall things you studied an hour ago? If all your answers are yes, then these might be the symptoms of stress - a common phenomenon that occurs... Read More