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Every year, thousands of deserving students are unable to complete their education and drop out of the formal education system due to lack of financial resources. There are several scholarships available but many remain underutilised due to lack of awareness and application support. Additionally, information about most scholarship programmes is available only in English, which leaves out a large ambit of students who may not be proficient in the language.

To bridge this gap, Vodafone India Foundation has initiated Learning with Vodafone to help more and more students realise their potential and fulfil their dreams. Information about hundreds of scholarships worth more than INR 15,000This amount is the summation of schemes launched by Ministry of Minority Affairs, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Social Justice, INSPIRE scholarship, Corporate CSR, Foundations, Universities, etc. crore from various government, institutions and individuals are listed on www.learningwithvodafone.in

About Vodafone India Foundation
Vodafone India Foundation

Mobilising the community, mobilising social change

Over the last 25 years, Vodafone India Foundation network has focused on combining Vodafone’s expertise with the company’s charitable giving to do social good in the world. As Vodafone’s reach continues to expand - moving from mobile to connectivity - there are greater opportunities for Vodafone India Foundation to harness these advancements for the benefit of society.

In India, Vodafone India Foundation focusses on addressing challenges relating to education, equality and access. We are committed to enable people and technology to drive innovation, disseminate knowledge, and create shared value to improve lives. We work in partnership with key charities, development agencies and the community to drive social change on a large scale in India.

For more information, please visit: https://www.vodafone.in/about-us/vodafone-foundation

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