• Why Learning with Vodafone?

    Vodafone Foundation India recognizes the power of technology to address some of the pressing challenges related to education, equality and access. In India, English literacy rate is approximately 12% and most of the scholarship information is only available in English, making it difficult for the remaining 88% of the population to apply and avail scholarships.

  • What is the objective of Learning with Vodafone?

    Learning with Vodafone is devised with a primary objective of breaking the language barrier and making scholarship information easily accessible to every student.

  • What are need based scholarships?

    To support students coming from under-privileged section of society, there are many scholarships provided by central/state governments, foundations, corporations, and universities. The eligibility criteria for these scholarships is low family income. The income criteria vary as per the scholarship programs.

    Few such scholarships are: Merit cum Means based scholarship, Sitaram Jindal Foundation, ShikshaDaan Scholarship etc.

  • What are merit based scholarships?

    To encourage meritorious students, several Government and Private organizations are offering merit based scholarships. The eligibility criteria for such scholarships is the academic performance of a student in particular competitions or in their board examinations.

    Few such scholarships are: Inspire, Central Sector Scheme Scholarship, L’Oréal India FYWIS Scholarship, NTSE, Olympiad, KVPY etc.

  • How students can apply for the scholarships?

    Every scholarship has its own application process, which may differ from online application to application through post. Students are advised to go through the “How to apply” section of the respective scholarships.

  • What are the different languages Learning with Vodafone offers?

    To explore scholarship opportunities, Learning with Vodafone is providing scholarship information in 7 regional languages: Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil.

  • What are the benefits of using Learning with Vodafone?

    The following benefits can be availed by students under Learning with Vodafone program –

    1. Scholarship information is available in 7 regional languages i.e. Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil.
    2. Students can create their profile and check the related scholarships. Notifications through SMS and Emails will also be provided to students.
    3. Assistance will also be provided to help students facing challenges in their applications.
  • How can a student benefit from Learning with Vodafone platform?

    1. Register with Vodafone

    1. Select your preferred language
    2. Login/Register with us as fresh user or through Facebook, Google to get timely SMS and Email alerts about matched scholarships.

    2. Finding ideal scholarship

    1. Once registered, you can gain access to scholarships matching your credentials.
    2. Search for more scholarships using particular filters through search button.

    3. Apply for respective scholarship

    1. Choose the scholarship you want to apply for.
    2. Click on “Apply Now”.
    3. You will be redirected to the host site of the corresponding scholarship for application, if already logged in, or else you have to log in again.

    4. Get-in-Touch with us

    1. In case of any difficulty in the application process, email us for application support at
  • How many children of a family can apply for the scholarships?

    Depends on individual scholarship guidelines.

  • Can a student opt for multiple scholarships at a time?

    Students can apply for multiple scholarships as per their eligibility criteria. However, as per general scholarship guidelines, they can avail only one scholarship at a time.

    (Note: Conditions for availing multiple scholarships can vary from scholarship to scholarship.)

  • Is there any registration fee to register with “Learning with Vodafone”?

    No, “Learning with Vodafone” does not charge any money for registration.

  • Who can apply for the scholarships?

    “Learning with Vodafone” lists scholarships for students of all age group.

  • In which condition will a candidate’s application be rejected?

    There are specific criteria depending on scholarships. However, some of the generally followed rejection criteria are –

    1. Incomplete application form
    2. Non-submission of required documents
    3. Submission of multiple applications
    4. Applications received after deadline
    5. False/incorrect information provided
    6. Not qualifying the eligibility criteria
  • What type of scholarships are available on Learning with Vodafone platform?

    Scholarships for School students, Graduates and Post graduates are listed on Learning with Vodafone platform. Visit the scholarships section to know more.

  • How can I apply for a scholarship?
    1. Explore all the scholarships listed on the website.
    2. Select the best suited scholarship for yourself.
    3. Every scholarship has detailed instruction on ‘How to apply’ for the scholarship.
    4. Follow the instructions carefully.
    5. Attach all the relevant documents
    6. Submit the application carefully.

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